Memory Lane: Elizabeth and Nick

In designing my new website, I've had the joy of looking through past portrait and engagement sessions to pick images for my new galleries. This is one of my all time favorite sessions. My dear friend Elizabeth and I were studying Art History in Paris for a summer and her boyfriend Nick (now her husband) decided to surprise her by flying from Boulder, Colorado to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday with us in France. Nick told all of our friends that he was planning to come so we could help organize the surprise... and he let a few of us in on the REAL surprise. He was going to propose to Elizabeth as we celebrated on the steps of Sacré-Coeur. Elizabeth is also a wedding photographer, so Nick made sure that I was in on the secret, so I could document the whole thing.

After lots of wine and cheese (when in Rome, right?) we wandered down a winding cobble stone road to watch the lights of the Eiffel Tower. Nick mentioned that he wanted to propose with the tower in the background, so we all stood and watched the lights twinkle across Paris from the Left Bank. I stood behind them, in anticipation without wanting to give anything away of course but, camera in hand and ready. Nick turned to Elizabeth and said something to the extent of "this isn't the only reason I came to Paris." He knelt down on one knee and the second Elizabeth realized what was happening, her beautiful eyes swelled with tears of joy. He asked her and she said yes, and it was absolutely perfect.

It was absolutely amazing and I was honored to be included in such a special moment in their lives. The next day we met up for an engagement session in the Luxenbourg Gardens. Then we wandered around Paris and watched the sunset near the Eiffel Tower. It will forever be one of my favorite moments as a photographer, not only due to the fantastic location but also because I witnessed the proposal the day before and their excitement was so fresh and heartwarming. Thank you Elizabeth and Nick for sharing this moment in your lives with me.

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