faded photos


I love old photos. Images hanging on a family's walls for generations. Faded photos in chipped frames. As a wedding photographer it's my primary goal to document your history, your day. I want your wedding photos to hang on the walls of your home. I hope you pass them on to your grandchildren one day and share them with your family. This is what I love about photography, it's ability to capture a moment, mark time and share it with others. I love going to thrift stores and finding old photos that were left behind. I feel if I collect them and keep them, then the memories of these people will live on. This hobby started at an early age and turned into taking photos as a child and now having a photography business. It's an immense desire to record histories, suspend time and hold on to memories. And perhaps generations from now there will be a child like me who collects old photos and grows up to be a photographer. I like to think that will happen because it is a joyful and beautiful responsibility to document this world.

Love and Light,

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