9 months young


My little Finn is 9 months young today. It's hard to believe that he's been on this earth longer than in my belly. (He was an early bird by two weeks.) He's doing amazing things these days. He crawls at lightning speed, has vampire teeth, likes to hang upside down and loves food. Did I mention he was born in October... I think we have a little Vampire baby on our hands, what do you think? He also loves to snuggle, put his pacifier in my mouth, tries to feed me cherrios and enjoys following his furry family around. His favorite foods are avocados, bananas, carrots and sweet potatoes. He's also fond of pulling hair and tearing up mama's magazines. I fall more and more in love with him everyday and marvel at him as he experiences the world. 
Happy 9 months, little monk. Keep on smiling.

Love and Light,
Mama bird 

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  1. What a wonderful, smiley, happy, snuggle, bundle of love. I wish him the happiest of 9 month days. Kisses and Tickles to Mr. Finn.