wash away the day


I promise my life is not always sunshine, lollipops and rainbows... my outlook on life is usually quite playful and whimsical but, not today. It all started with a thunder storm that left our pup crying throughout the night which created a sleepless night for the humans in the house (baby included)... then waking up to the other dog's explosive stomach (from eating something stupid, I'm sure) followed by steam cleaning the dining room carpet... disinfecting the whole room... a screaming baby who thought the carpet cleaner was a horrifying monster... in pure exhaustion and frustration, I just wanted to sit there with Finn and cry, but I had to try to turn this day around. So, I jumped in the shower because that seems to be the only thing to do when your day has gone to ____ and you're covered in ____ . With Finn crying in the background I tried to wash away the day. My favorite shower gel, a few deep breaths and a serenity prayer later, I stepped out of the shower refreshed.  Then, I looked at the clock and realized we were an hour late for our weekly play-date. It would have been so easy to stay home, put pj's on and take a nap with my sweet little baby. But my determination took over.

Finn calmed down by this point and the second he saw me he gave me the biggest smile in the world. I tell ya, those smiles can move mountains. I decided we both needed to get out of the house especially little Finn who at this point was utterly confused by the day's events. We headed straight for the park and even though I forgot my lunch we had a great time with our friends. I guess my point in all of this is... sometimes a day can't be saved, so you just have to start it over however you need to. For me a shower and smiling baby do the trick. Frozen yogurt also helps and big big hugs from my husband. ____ happens, right?

Love and Light,

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