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Meet Molly and Tim. They're getting married this Saturday at the Denver Art Museum. I couldn't be more excited, it's the perfect blend of things I love; art, weddings and a couple whose love you feel through every cell in your body. You just can't help but smile when you're around a love like this. Their wedding is going to be a glorious day.

I met the couple through Tim's amazing dancing sister who I've photographed many times. Molly and Tim live in Denver, love art and traveling. Tim asked Molly to marry him while they were traveling through Barcelona. Isn't that romantic? He proposed with his grandmother's ring (so did my husband!). There's something very special about wearing a ring that you know carried your grandparents through their marriage. Another story of love, a legacy. Molly and Tim had the diamond placed in a gorgeous setting that updated the ring and incorporated Molly's personality. To bring this beautiful proposal home they're serving tapas with a long night of dancing at their wedding, two things they loved about Spain.

We took these engagement photos in Civic Center Park in downtown Denver. It was so pretty. One of my favorite memories from the day was when a lady bug landed in Tim's hair. We all agreed that it was a sweet little blessing for their marriage. So lovely.

After many photos, we took a little break to share some IZZE drinks and fuji apples. It was a very warm day and I don't think an apple ever tasted so good. Did you know that IZZE started in Boulder, Colorado? An all natural soda... of course it came from Boulder. :)

Before we left the park, Molly and Tim made a wish with a few lucky pennies. I'm not sure what they wished for... you're supposed to keep it a secret if you want it to come true. :)

It was a wonderful day and to make it even more special, we were joined by Tara Rynders of You & Me Cinematography. She is an amazing video artist who created a lovely window into Molly and Tim's story.

I can't wait for their wedding! It's going to be amazing.

Love and Light,

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  1. You can see it in their eyes how happy and in love they are. Nice shots and concepts.