gold, falling from the ceiling : boulder senior portraits :

It's beginning to feel like fall. Warmer days melting away to chilly nights.
It's my favorite time of day. Not only for the relief from the heat but for the warm golden
light that seems to shine a little softer at the end of the summer.
It's the perfect light for photos.

While taking this portrait of the beautiful Sarah, I thought of one of my favorite songs.
As the golden light twinkled through the clouds, over the flatirons and across her tousled
locks, this line ran through my mind:

"There's gold falling from the ceiling of this world, 
falling from the heartbeat of this girl."
Angus & Julia Stone

(Yes, I am obsessed with this band. Yep obsessed. I just can't stop listening to them
and now my son like them too. When he freaks out about being in his car seat,
I put on this cd and he chills out almost instantly. It's that good.)

I'm looking forward to taking is as much of this soft golden light as I can.
Let the gold fall from the ceiling of this world...
through the heartbeat of this girl.

Love and Light,

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