forever : a telluride colorado wedding

Lyndia and Leo were married August 20 at a private estate in Telluride, Colorado. It was beautiful, intimate and completely perfect. Lyndia grew up running around on the property and through the trees lining it with her best friends who lived there, it was like a second home for her so it made sense that she would want her wedding there. 

The morning of the wedding it began to sprinkle a bit, I wont lie, I was worried. I arrived at the location and there were clouds billowing along the canyon. As the ceremony was about to begin it started to pour. Her planner and good friend asked her what they should do and Lyndia said with a smile on her face, "then we'll get wet." Through sprinkles and rain drops the wedding went on. The guests used their umbrellas and I did my best to keep my camera out of the rain. Lyndia and Leo were all smiles, I don't think they even noticed the weather, they just stared into each other's eyes. As they began their vows the rain cleared a bit as if planned. They wrote their own vows which I am a huge fan of if you feel comfortable doing that. It was sweet, tender and beautifully honest. You could feel their connection a mile away and as they kissed for the first time as bride and groom the sun came out from behind the clouds. It was like a movie.

The reception was amazing. The brides father brought fresh Alaskan salmon that he caught with his friends in his home state. All of the food was prepared with love by the bride and groom's family. For dinner we sat at long family styled tables under a white tent lined with tissue paper flowers, candles and wild flower center pieces. The cutlery and plates were a mix of vintage and new from friends and family, it was darling. We drank sangria and ale from mason jars. The whole reception felt like you were at someone's home for dinner... a very stylish person in this case.

Al Green. Stay Together.

The couple's friends picked their first dance song which was very fun. They picked Al Green's "Stay Together." Lyndia and Leo playfully danced to this cheesy and endearing song with twinkling eyes and smiles. It was wonderful.

One of my favorite moments was waiting with Lyndia before she went down the aisle. This is often a favorite moment of mine. I can clearly remember peaking around the corner at my own wedding before any of the guests noticed. Lyndia was a vision as she looked through a window that perfectly framed her figure. Her eyes filled with tears of joy as she met eyes with Leo. Perfection. Other favorite moments were the bride and groom jumping on a trampoline and Leo pushing Lyndia on the tire-swing. Who has a tire-swing at their wedding anyway? So cool!

It was an honor to witness this beautiful wedding.

Love and Light,

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