giveaway : thanks-giving

In honor of Thanksgiving, Heather Gray Photography is doing a giveaway. 
We're giving away one free portrait session to a deserving family, couple or individual. 
The catch is each entry must be a nomination of a friend or family member. This is your 
opportunity to give thanks to someone special in your life and pay it forward.

The Session:
This portrait session includes; one hour of photography, an online gallery to view, 
share and buy prints, a disc of 5 images and a lots of fun, love and smiles.

The Rules:
You can make up to 3 different nominations. Each nomination must have a little note 
of why you think they deserve this portrait session. The more stories the better. The 
nominees must be within 25 miles of Denver, Colorado or 25 miles of Santa Clara County, 
California or able to travel to these areas. (yep, this contest extends to CA!) 

How to Enter: 
Official nominations must be received in the comment section of this blog post by 
November 13, 2011 11:59pm MST. Please do not leave personal contact information 
in your comment. If your nominee wins, we'll contact you for this information. Please let your
nominee know that you nominated them and share the love. And who knows, maybe you'll
get nominated yourself!

Share, like, LOVE!
Share this link with your friends and family on facebook. Anyone can enter this giveaway; 
past clients, existing fans and new fans too! Like our facebook page and spread the LOVE!

Terms and Conditions:
This giveaway is sponsored by Photography by Heather Gray, LLC and in no way affiliated 
with facebook. This giveaway is for future portrait sessions and cannot be applied towards past 
sessions or combined with any other offers. Winning nominee sessions are non-transferrable and 
must be completed within one year of receiving this giveaway. By entering this contest your're 
giving permission to publicly share your comment/nomination. 

Let the storytelling and giving thanks commence.

Love and Light,


Our Winner: 

I'm pleased to announce our Thanksgiving giveaway winner is Dannette Priest. We had so many amazing entries and beautiful stories shared by special souls. Take a look at what Dannette's friend Tara Rynders had to say about her. 

I used a true random number generator for this one. I just couldn't pick on my own. So number 9 is it, Dannette Priest. I can't wait to meet you and take your portrait. Tara sends you lots of love!

Thank you to everyone who entered and please make sure you tell each of these beautiful souls how much they mean to you and how amazing they are. We need more of this in the world, don't you agree? Pass it on.

Love and Light,


  1. #1- kimberly myers - she has been a friend of mine for over a year now, she was due the same month as me, but lil abby decided to come early in may! :) we have grown very close and she is a daily inspiration to me and helps me through the trials and tribulations of motherhood (much like yourself heather, but i cant nominate you..), we go through many of the same things at the same time and she is ALWAYS willing to offer her advice and help to keep me going!

  2. #2 rian schmidt - um, well really- rian just rocks- she also was due the same month as me, but she is probably one of the funniest most awesome people that i know. she lives all the way in california, and i've never met her in person, but she is an amazing mother to her two children, fox and echo. she always does her best to see the best in others and makes sure to not judge someone the she doesnt know. she is raising her children the way we all should, without judgement and with pure love... she deserves a shoot with you as much as you deserve to meet her... i think that you could both benefit from each other in similar ways the we do from each other heather! it never hurts to meet new life friends!

  3. # 1 Karen Spies of Boudler, CO. Karen is very involved in supporting the arts community in Boulder. She is a single mom who has just fought a successful fight against cancer in her life and she is now devoting her life to seeking to help other uninsured people raise funds to pay for their medical expenses. She gives a damn and truly "gets it."

    # 2 Adam Johnson of Boulder, CO. Adam is a student at CU Boulder who is studying theatre. He has cerebral palsy and has doubts about his ability to actually work in his field of choice but is pursuing his dream anyway. He plays piano for free at Wesley Chapel on Sunday nights.

    # 3 Dayna Himot of Denver, CO. Dayna is a single mom who has had a tough row to hoe the past few years. Despite her challenging circumstances, she's risen to the occasion and is the best mother she can be. She currently works as a DJ and is working on a degree as well.

  4. Hi Heather!
    I want to nominate my parents, Mary Kay and Greg Wilson. They have always been so supportive of me and my life, and of so many other people, but I think they need some time to celebrate themselves and their love that has lasted so long and through so much. I want something to be about them finally and not anyone else, so they can share their love for each other. I'm inspired by their relationship and would love for them to get to share it with others!

  5. #1 My beautiful loving and giving friend Carrie Vaccarella
    Carrie and Felipe her husband recently had baby Stella. ( love this little girl) Having a baby seems tricky. Yet as an observer I have seen Carrie and Felipe not only transform into amazing parents but have continued to consistently give and give to their friends and others when they themselves are completely depleted. Both are working full -time and yet whenever I see Carrie she focuses her attention and love to me asking how she can help and give to me. Carrie my sweet friend you and your family have given so much to me and Tim this past year. thank you I love you and I hope you win these portraits as a reminder of what a beautiful family you are inside and out. love love.

    #2 Ted. Ted lives down the street from me. He is a disabled vet and I see him every morning walking down the alleyways looking for cans, wires, and anything else he can take to make an extra few dollars to add to his slim disability check. He is so kind and always stops to chat with me. I mostly only see a profile view of him down the alley as he is always bent over looking into dumpsters. One time he gave me a yellow bike that he found. Ted. I want you to win because I am sure it has been a long time since you were honored and recognized. Today I honor and recognize you. Thank you for serving our country, thank you for your presence in our alleyways and thank you for always stopping to chat and share your heart with me in passing.

    #3 Dannette Priest
    sweet Dannette is a busy woman currently she is heading up thanksgiving dinner at our church for vets who have no one to share thanksgiving with. This is Danette constantly giving and loving others. Dannette has MS and yet she has taught me so much about how circumstances truly are not what we live by we can change our perspective on tricky circumstances and experience a deeper understanding of love and truth if we are willing to go there in the midst of hard ache, pain and suffering. Danette I would love to see you shine as the beautiful woman you are and have these portraits as a reminder of how incredibly loved you truly are.
    love you,