wedding daydreams : attire

I'll be the first to admit that I'm obsessed with weddings. I love them. I daydream about planning my 
own wedding again, perhaps for that 10 year anniversary. My favorite daydreaming location is 
at BHLDN. You could say that I have an ongoing love affair with that website. Everything about 
it is gorgeous. 

Here is today's wedding attire daydream:

(Left, Clockwise) 1. Crepe De Chine Column Gown 2. Simply Silk Sash 3. Petaled Prairie Wedges 4. Sainted Sister Blusher Veil
(Right, Clockwise) 1. Nouveau Lily Clutch 2. Noble Lineage Bracelet 3. Primrose Bolero 4. Flit-Float Earrings

Whimsy, vintage and lovely, oh my!

If you're looking for timeless details with an heirloom feel, check out BHLDN.

Love and Light,

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