Merry Christmas

My family and I celebrate Christmas. In lieu of a tree we decorated our fireplace because we have a sneaky speedy little toddler. We started our morning with some music. My mother-in-law bought us the best gift ever, a Crosley record player. The first thing we played on our pretty new turntable was Bing Crosby's "I Wish You a Merry Christmas." It was the perfect start to a wonderful day. Then Chris made us special Christmas-chocolate-chip-pancakes. Finn loves pancakes, he eats them plain and I swear could eat a whole batch on his own. This growing boy has quite an appetite. 

Next, we put on our Christmas best and went to Yaya's house for dinner. This is one of my favorite traditions. We dress up, have a yummy dinner, then open our matching jammies, put them on and run around the house. It's the best. It's so much fun spending quality time with my family and snuggling in our jammies as we catch up with each other. This year my cousin and her husband had some special news to share, they are expecting their first baby, who's due in August. We can't wait for this little one to arrive and are looking forward to Christmas next year with a sweet little one!

Finn had so much fun on Christmas Eve. Last year he was only a few months old, so he couldn't really participate like he did this year. He ran around with everyone and loved tearing up wrapping paper and playing in boxes. Yaya and Uncle Jeff gave him an awesome little car that he zoomed about the house on. There was so much laughter and joy throughout the house, it was a perfect night with our family. 

Christmas morning (luckily) started a little later than usual due to our late night shenanigans. Finn slept in until about 8:30 which was the perfect gift for these sleepy parents who usually wake up with the sun. The three of us opened a few special gifts and stayed in our jammies longer than usual while listening to vintage records.

It was a wonderful holiday. We spent quality time with our families and introduced Finn to our families traditions and created a few new ones of our own. I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. 

Love and Light,

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