dancing in the light : personal

I just got back from an amazing conference in Las Vegas called WPPI. It's like a summer camp for photographers, you get to catch up with old friends, learn from new ones and dream with an open heart.

This year I've come back with a journal full of new ideas. Things to change, things that work and big big dreams. It's incredibly important to me to continue to learn and evolve. To reflect on my past year; the body of work I created, the beautiful souls I had the honor of meeting and the things that didn't go as planned. My mind and heart are full with appreciation of where I've come from and where I am going. I know this next year is going to be amazing. I have fantastic couples this season in beautiful locations. I am traveling a lot, which is thrilling and wonderful.

This next year is mine for the taking and it's your's as well. As Seth Godin said in a compelling documentary on being an artist in the digital age, PressPausePlay, "This is the best shot you've ever got." And he's right, this is the best shot. I'm here standing at the edge of this next season; filled with joy, inspiration and ambition to make this year my best yet. I'm jumping in feet first with a full heart. I'm ready to share my love and light with you, will you join me?

Love and Light,

p.s. the beautiful woman in the portrait above is Kelsey. she is beyond amazing... beyond, beyond, beyond. I don't know how to say it any other way. her light is beyond this word, an old soul some would say. stay tuned for her full post, she's breathtaking. what I love about this shot is that it's an "in-between" shot. I love those moments when someone's heart shines a little brighter and you see into their soul. those "in-between" moments are what I look for in my portraits, that little bit of magic that we so often hide.