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San Francisco by Scott MacKenzie, 1967.

I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoyed this shoot. Being in the bay area with a super sweet couple and absolutely amazing scenery, so awesome!  The song "San Francisco," kept playing in my head on repeat, it was a fun day!

Dasha, Simon and I began our day at the Palace of Fine Arts, a place of photographers dreams. It was beyond beautiful and there were so many wonderful little spots to sneak off to for portraits. We lucked out with perfect weather, which in a city known for it's blankets of fog was such a gift.

After a lovely drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, we stopped at a popular tourist spot for some classic photos. Then we adventured (ie: got a little lost, thanks to some city construction) to Fort Baker. I'd never been there before and always wondered how to get there, it was serendipity. Sometimes getting lost is the best thing you can do when looking for new places for photos. 

Dasha and Simon are just plain awesome. I cannot wait for their winery wedding in Los Gatos this spring. It's going to be beautiful. Dasha was super sneaky and showed me a photo of her dress on her cell phone... and let me tell you it's gorgeous! Then Simon told me about his fantastic suit. They make one stylish pair for sure and most importantly a very loving couple. It all comes down to the love and they shine with it, especially together.

Love and Light,


  1. What a beautiful day! Awesome pictures Simon & Dasha!! I love the one of you both upclose. Can't wait for the big day!
    Your Sis Sarah

  2. The close-up one of Dasha and Simon is one of my favorites too. :) I can't wait for the wedding!

  3. I love these photos! They are beautiful! Well I guess this means that the wedding shots will be amazing,
    can't wait.
    Uncle & Auntie