semi-through the lens thursday

This through the lens thursday is a little different. Aj Vandewater; our dear friend, my son's godfather and
 my soon to be brother-in-law took this photo... he wears many hats in our lives. He took it with his 
iphone (they're getting so fancy these days) on an adventure to the sand dunes in Oceano, California and
 it's one of my favorites. He also took my "about me" photos on my website and here on my blog.

Aj has photographed some very important events in my life and he continues to be one of my favorite
 photographers. I'm a lucky girl because he's family. It's a blessing to have someone in my life who is an
 amazing photographer and while most people don't have someone like this around as much as I do, it's
 great to find someone you like to invite into your family for special events and anytime photos.

I'm blessed that I stay connected with my wedding couples by photographing their growing families,
 anniversaries, friends' weddings and anytime portraits. I have a few families who I photograph
throughout the year because little ones change so quickly, it's so much fun.

Aj's photos mean the world to me. They hold a dear place in my heart and will be shared with generations
 to come. Capturing those little moments and adventures like this one are something I can't put a price on. 
It's a memory that lives on forever. 

Thank you Aj, you're the best. We love you!

Love and Light,

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