cherish : we own the sky : colorado portraits

During most of my shoots, I have a soundtrack playing in my head. It may sound silly, but it's true. 
Being a dancer, there's always a song playing in my heart. When I'm walking, working, pretty much 
anytime. Perhaps it's a form of insanity or perhaps it's that I listen closely to the rhythm of my heart, 
(insert cheesy 80's dance here). For this next portrait M83's We Own the Sky was constantly playing
 in my head. The feeling of the song, the environment I imagine it in and characters all in one.

These photos are from a roadtrip two friends of mine and fellow photographers took together. We 
designed our trip around crazy places in Colorado and time to try some things out that we've always 
wanted to do. It was part fun, part retreat and part laboratory. We took off during the middle of the 
week, in the middle of wedding season, for a rare moment of free time to play, experiment and push our 
work further. We took turns behind and in front of the camera. For me, being in front of a camera is not 
a comfortable place, so this is always a reminder of what it feels like, how to relax and get over 
my nerves. If you get nervous in front of a camera I totally get it. Putting myself in front of the
camera makes me a better photographer.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them. Kelsey and Molly were so much fun. We 
brought home some crazy stories and awesome photos. Feel free to listen to my "inspiration" 
song and also please visit Kelsey and Molly's websites. 

They're both incredible women and crazy talented photographers. 




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