forever : marissa and stalin : a loveland, colorado wedding : chapungu sculpture garden

 It is my honor to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Tafura. These two beautiful souls were joined this weekend in Loveland, Colorado at the Chapungu Sculpture Garden in the company of their close friends and family. It was an extraordinary ceremony filled with love, light and magical moments that were felt by each of our hearts. I often cry during ceremonies and most of the time I just hide behind my camera, but for this one, the tears of joy that flowed felt so pure. I had to breathe into them and admire the love I was witnessing, honor it and support it. 

The wedding ceremony was one I was deeply touched by. It was not only the marriage of Marissa and Stalin but of their families who traveled from Zimbabwe and South Africa to Colorado. Following the ceremony, everyone remained in a semi-circle and spoke from the heart; telling stories of their families, how the couple met and everyone shared their feelings of gratitude, hope and joy for this union. I remember the wind blowing gently as Marissa and Stalin's family spoke, I closed my eyes for a moment and felt the magic spiraling around this family.

I'm blessed to have witnessed the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Tafura and the joining of their families. 
I have no doubt that together they will carry a light into this world that will be felt be all, and a baby that will further connect their amazing love.

Love and Light,

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