cherish : mary lynn : denver photographer

Meet Mary Lynn. She is an extraordinary woman. I've photographed Mary Lynn many times in the last year with the dance company Fresh Blood Collective. This was a special portrait because it was Mary Lynn alone. We met many times to discuss what this portrait would be, what she wanted and what we could create together. As mothers we spent a lot of time discussing the many hats we wear as mothers, creatives, wives, friends and more. More often than not mothers don't take time for themselves let alone have their own portrait taken. Mary Lynn dreamed up her many characters, aliases and artists, and we adventured through the South Platte River neighborhood with these women. These amazing women; each with their own story, dreams and personalities. This portrait was designed to honor each of these sides of Mary Lynn.

This was a very special portrait for me. One of a woman who I greatly admire and respect.  I'm honored to know Mary Lynn and these other women who dance in her mind and heart. 

Love and Light,

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