a moment of silence for connecticut

I had posts planned for today but somehow it seems wrong to post them. My heart goes out to the
 families in Connecticut. The recent shootings across the country are beyond heartbreaking and equally 
alarming. All I can think to do is to love more. Love the people around me and love the people I meet 
everyday. It's easy to get scared and feel paralyzed by these horrifying acts, and the only way I can 
exist in this scary world is to love. I have to believe that everyone is good. I have to believe that human 
beings love before they hate. I have to fill my heart with love and light and show kindness to the world around me. 

So today I'm going to love more, always. I will hold my son close, and pray for the 
families in Connecticut and for those whose hearts have been darkened by this act.

Love and Light,

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