love : marissa and eric : a denver engagement

I'm excited to share Eric and Marissa's engagement photos with you. When I met Marissa, I felt like I 
had known her for years. By the end of the meeting we were finishing each others sentences and
talking about the beauty of the universe. It was amazing. Eric her fiance currently lives in Delaware
as he finishes law school, so I wasn't able to meet him until he was in town. 

Marissa and Eric chose to take these photos at Washington Park near where they met, lived and
grew their love. It was a chilly day but their love kept them warm. We walked along the water
and followed wandering geese. They shared their story with me and told me about their families.

Eric and Marissa make an amazing couple and it was a treat to get to know them through these photos.
 It's my favorite way to get to know people. I'm very much looking forward to their wedding. 
It's going to be amazing just like these two. 

Love and Light,

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