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I'm going to warn you. I am having serious baby fever over here. I think it's because my little baby is really not a baby anymore. He'll always be my baby but he insists that he's a big boy now complete with big boy undies (this one is key to his new found freedom by the way), big boy ideas, big boy opinions and big big hugs. It's an honor to be this little boys mama and I'm thankful everyday that the universe brought me this amazing little soul. Be prepared for many posts on my dear boy.

Being a photographer I have tons of photos of my family. Tons I tell you. I need a separate hard drive just to store the amazing memories we've shared together. Today I was organizing these photos and came across a bunch of photos I had forgotten about. It's funny how things like that happen in the first year of a family's life. That first year flew by. I'm so grateful that I had my camera around and that we not only had many professional photo shoots with my creative friends but also that we have these images from our everyday life. Relaxed photos that aren't staged are my favorite and these are some awesome ones that my sister and brother-in-law took while we were on vacation in Ojai California close to 2 years ago. I can't believe how fast time flies.

These photos mean the world to me. Sure I wasn't prepared for photos, I hadn't picked out the perfect outfit or done my hair for that matter... but these are real life. Real moments with people I love. It's so important to take photos of everyday life. Whether it's with your cell phone, a point and shoot, a fancy pro camera or you hire a professional photographer to capture a day in the life of your family... make sure you're documenting your family's life right here and now. You don't need perfect outfits, the perfect home or perfect hair... all you need is those perfect moments that you share as a family everyday. When we took these photos I remember being self conscious about the baby weight I had gained, sitting there with wet hair, wearing whatever was clean and feeling overwhelmed by the day... but now I look at them and I don't see any of that, in fact I have to think really hard to remember these moments and what I was thinking. Now all I see is a little baby who was finding his balance, learning to walk, being mesmerized by his reflection, sharing snuggles and spending time with my family. This is what matters at the end of the day. So please don't wait until your life reflects your image of perfect or your dream pinterest board because it's already beautiful, joyous and completely perfect right here and now. I promise you that years from now you'll cherish photos of your everyday moments. 

If you're interested, I would be honored to document the everyday life of you and your family. 
It will be real, sweet and precious. There's magic in our everyday lives, let's document it.

Love and Light,

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