cherish : nina and sonia : bring on spring

I've know these young ladies for over ten years. They're family to me, and I have the honor to
watch them grow into beautiful souls with fantastic ideas, dreams and hopes for the world.
I photograph them every chance I get and whenever I'm in the Bay Area, and watching
them grow up year to year through photos is so much fun. It's amazing how much
kids and teens change year to year.

For this shoot we dreamed up ideas together and shopped in their closet. It was like big girl dress 
up. I made special crowns from fresh flowers I bought at Trader Joe's, another regular stop when I'm
 in California. The flowers brought in my longing for spring here in Colorado. I'm ready for spring
 and I love flower crowns, no surprises here. When in doubt put on a flower crown!

Love and Light,

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