personal : my family's portrait with the ever amazing tara polly : denver

This is a very special personal post. My dear friend, Tara Polly, took these family photos for me and I'm incredibly thankful for each and every photo. Finn is growing like crazy these days. I swear there are days when he wakes up and he has a handful of new words and sayings that take me by surprise. Life is changing daily and having these photos to remember this time and place together as a family is a beautiful blessing. 

Tara was incredibly sweet and patient with my family. We were 30 minutes late due to an out of character toddler melt down, hello two year old moments. Finn woke up from his nap and was not himself, he cried and flipped out... leading me to realize that my own anxiety of getting everyone ready, fed and out the door was deeply affecting Finn. He is a sensitive soul and when I'm stressed he reacts in his own way. I often explain this to my clients with little ones but I wasn't taking my own advice. What a learning experience this was for me. When Finn was younger it was easier but now he has strong opinions and emotions and as a two year old is fiercely Finn... and I must listen and slow down to respect his feelings. I sent Tara a text and sincere apology, I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. I had to relax in order for Finn to agree to getting ready and get back to his happy self, and it worked. I hate being late but I had to let it go and realize that sometimes these things happen.

We arrived at the Botanic Gardens in Denver and Tara was the sweetest. Finn was in a great mood and we were off to take photos. She instantly connected with Finn and he was smitten with her. I love how she photographed him as he is everyday. She let him be himself and include his favorite buddy Monty, his sock dog. She engaged him further by helping pose Chris and I, which he continued to do the next few weeks at home... posing us and using anything near him as his "camera." Tara had such a fun influence on Finn. He started to understand what I do in a new way.

After a little while Finn ran along the stone walkway in the park, tripped and cut his forehead on a pebble. He started crying and I thought it was a little bump but as I started to clean his forehead I realized it was a really good bump and cut. I held him close and took a deep breath again. As soon as I calmed down he was fine. Oh being a parent of a little active explorer! Tara even took a few photos of this event and I love them because it's truly how our life is. Sweet Finn loves to climb, run and jump, and we have many bumps and bruises to show because of it. Sometimes you just have to roll with it and acknowledge that this is what little ones do regardless of taking photos. This was another great reminder of what being photographed as a family can be like and how leading by example is huge. When Chris and I were relaxed, Finn was too.

We continued our family photos through the park and had the best time. I'm incredibly grateful for these photos. I love how real they are and how Tara caught these sweet moments for us. She saw us with so much love and light and held a space for us to be ourselves; exploring, laughing, playing and taking care of cuts and scrapes. Being photographed by Tara was such a gift, she's a rock star.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these beautiful photos, Tara!

Love and Light,

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