advice for an unplugged wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding ceremony and had the person in front of you stand up to photograph the bride and groom's first kiss? Yeah, me either. Luckily as a wedding photographer, I know to keep an eye on wedding guests who are photographing during the ceremony to avoid missing any important moments. Lately I've had to navigate between more guests with cameras than ever before. It seems that this exciting digital age we live in is interrupting even the most sacred of events. I love that everyone wants to document these special occasions and record what they see for their own memories, but I've noticed more and more that guests are spending more of their time staring at their devices rather than the couple. The beauty of technology is that it let's us record, access and post instantly, but at what cost? Are we missing important moments in our lives? I do my best to lead a present and mindful life, but my smart phone often challenges that intention, so I completely understand how wedding guests can get caught up in their cameras during the wedding ceremony because it's very easy to do. I've had a few of my couples ask me for advice on limiting the use of camera phones, ipads and DSLRs during their ceremony, and my best advice is to put a note in your program or have a sweet little sign at the entrance of your ceremony site. It's good to have reminders to detach from our digital devices and live in the moment. This is something I put together for my couples to use for their weddings. I hope it encourages your friends and family to honor the beginning of your marriage by being fully present and recording the ceremony with their hearts.

You can download the full version here.

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  1. This is great advice and very polite wording. It was refreshing to look at our guests from the altar and see their beautiful faces and not their cameras/phones. I encourage all couples to consider this :)