a cherish portrait : jude's birthday : a birth story

This summer my dear friend Tara, asked me to photograph the birth of her son. I can't say enough how much of an honor this was for me. To be asked to witness one of the most precious, tender and raw moments in a family's life was an enormous responsibility and something I didn't take lightly. 

Tara is one of the most beautiful souls in all the land. She's a brilliant photographer, a dear soul and shines light on everyone around her. Holding space for her as she transformed into a mother was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. She was the epitome of grace, love and strength as she brought her son into the world. 

Tara shared her birth story this week on her blog and I was in tears reading the whole story. Her words instantly brought me back to this magical night at the Mountain Midwifery Center in Denver. 

Baby Jude was born at sunrise on the night of a blue moon. He's perfect in every way and picked two of the most amazing people to be his parents. Thank you for sharing your story with me sweet Polly family and welcome to the world baby Jude Everett. May all the love in this world surround you as you three begin your lives together.

Love and Light, 

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  1. How lovely Heather!! I will be doing my first birth session like any minute now! So So beautiful!