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Katy and Ron have a very special place in my heart. Photographing their wedding marked a pivotal point in my business. They were my first couple to hire me for the wedding without a referral, which as a business is very exciting. I'll never forget meeting with Katy and her mom over breakfast in Boulder and how nervous I was. Up until that point, everyone I had worked with was a friend of a friend of a friend, or were referred from someone else I had photographed. Over a delicious breakfast, we talked about the wedding, their families, how Katy and Ron met and the growing baby in my belly. I clearly remember sitting across from these two amazing woman and wanting to hold on to how grateful I felt. I wrote myself a note when I got home to remind myself of how special this moment was. Following Katy and Ron's wedding was a beautiful collection of beautiful souls who hired me to photograph their weddings, families and engagements. 

Katy and Ron, I'm forever thankful to know you and am thrilled to have photographed this next chapter in your lives...

Oh my goodness, my heart overflows thinking about these three. 

Katy and Ron, you two are already amazing parents and I know that your families provided you a great foundation to build your own family. One of my favorite memories from your wedding was speaking with your father Katy, he had tears of joy in his eyes as he watched you dancing with your brother, telling me that "they grow up so fast." He went on to tell me how amazing your mother is as he shared a few stories of the strength, grace and unconditional love he witnessed as he and your mother raised you two together. My favorite story was of how you guys didn't always get along and that your mother would put you two in time out together and you had to stare at each other with your noses touching. He explained that you would both end up laughing and forgive each other. I absolutely love that story. Years later, I think of it and have shared it with other families. Life isn't always joyful and happy, there are moments of challenge, struggle and adversity, but finding perspective and laughing out of those moments is so valuable. 

Thank you for giving me the honor to meet your sweet bundle of joy and to photograph this incredibly special time together. You two have always shined together and now as a family, you'll continue to shine your light on this world and inspire those around you with your love, strength and faith.

Love and Light,

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  1. I remember that day at breakfast too, Heather! You were the only photographer we met with, when it's right it's right! I also remember meeting you the first time at the Boulder Wedding Showcase. It was so busy downstairs and being the introvert that I am I went upstairs because it was quieter. You are the only person I actually remember talking to that day and certainly the only person we actually worked with on our wedding! Thanks again for everything! We are honored to have been part of your growing business, I'm so glad you've been able to work with other families since then who appreciate the special work you do!