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I had the honor of photographing my dear friend Tara before her family moved to Hawaii for a grand adventure. Tara and her husband love Hawaii and were married there, so their affinity of the islands inspired this next chapter of their lives. They sold most of their belongings, put their heirlooms in storage, and moved to the big island, leaving their home here in Colorado. With this in mind, I wanted to photograph the girls in the wide open spaces that run along the plains as they meet the Rocky Mountains. It was a very Colorado day, with bright sunshine and a blustery wind, which added to the magic of this portrait. It was a delight to spend time with Tara's sweet daughter too and watch her imagination sparkle as she danced through the long grasses with her bunny.

Tara is a real gem and creative soul. She creates the most beautiful dream catchers and floral sculptures too, which can be found on her lovely blog. And beyond all this she's the most beautiful soul.

Love and Light,

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