love: Kristine & Patrick : Colorado Wedding Photographer :

Aren't Kristine and Patrick the sweetest?
 They are excellent cuddlers in fact you might even say they're professionals. Kristine and Patrick are actually both professional dancers and artists. They head the Packing House Center for the Arts in Denver and also Control Group Productions. I met them both while performing a few years ago. I remembered seeing them dance together and being inspired by their deep connection. A year later I ran into Patrick while photographing a show at the Packing House and the rest is history. I have since had the pleasure of photographing their company and will now have the honor to be their wedding photographer. I really enjoy getting to know my couples and working with them beyond their wedding. This time it is special to have developed a relationship with them long before they walk down the aisle. I can hardly wait to attend their wedding, it is going to be full of love, art, dance and very personal touches the couple has infused throughout their special day. 
It is going to be amazing, just like these two beautiful souls.

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