Happy Planning: heirlooms and tea.

Bonjour. As usual I am beginning my day with a delightful cup of tea. 
My current favorite is Wild Sweet Orange by Tazo. 
It takes me to a spring meadow in Givernie with warm sunshine on rainy days, 
it is perfect.
This morning I decided to go window shopping at my favorite bridal shop, B H L D N.
Tea in hand and Bon Iver playing in the background, here we go.

In my line of work, I spend the majority of my time looking at wedding details,
editing wedding photos and tearing up at beautiful weddings.
The key here is weddings, I love them and swoon over beautiful dresses and vows.
The sparkle a bride has in her eyes on her big day warms my heart.
I can clearly remember that sparkle as I looked at my reflection in my
beautiful Emma Scott dress, the moments with my best friend
before I walked down the aisle and the look my father gave me
as I met him at the bottom of the stairs.

The wedding dress and details aren't what makes a bride sparkle,
it's the excitement of day and the reality of marrying her true love...
but the dress certainly makes her feel incredibly special.
Here are some beautiful dresses that would make any bride feel amazing.
I love the variety and vintage.


I love how each of these dresses feel like they were found
in a secret vintage shop in Paris, as though they had lived a long life in the
French countryside and been passed down through generations
floating bride after bride down the aisle.
They are heirlooms, something Anthropologie is amazing at creating.
So if you want this timeless quality but don't want to wear your mother's dress,
this is a wonderful option.
Now the next issue,
which one would you pick?
I love them all.

Back to my delicious tea and day dreaming of a French countryside wedding.
I will try this birdcage veil on for size.


May you find the dress of your dreams to marry the love of yours.

To a lifetime of love and happiness.


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