in front of the camera

A wise friend and photographer told me that it is important as a photographer to spend time in front of the camera a few times a year to remember what it is like to be there. The nerves, the need to know how to be and where to stand...etc. all of the things that run through your head while being photographed. I guess I haven't had a big reason to be in front of a camera, I mean how many times can I have my portrait done... but now I have a son, the perfect and most wonderful reason to have our photos taken often. I get really nervous in front of the camera, which is good for relating to my friends and clients... but not so fun when you are having your photo taken. Luckily I had a great photographer and beautiful setting to calm my nerves.

While vacationing with my sister and our best friend Aj  (they are engaged, yay!), we decided to take each others portraits. It is awesome having great friends who are also photographers. Check out the amazing shots Aj took. I am in love with them and clearly remember each moment we shared.  Aj was great to work with and he quickly calmed my nerves. It was like we were just hanging out, perfect.

Thank you Aj for these amazing photos. You captured our first family portrait with so much love and light. We are incredibly blessed to have you in our lives. 
 Love, The Grays
 * Please visit Aj's website and blog to check out more of his photo awesomeness :)

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