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My dear sister, amazing friend, handsome hubby, sweet baby and I went on a little vacation together to Ojai to celebrate our friendship, engagement and newest edition to the group sweet little Finnian, it was amazing. We rented this beautiful home called the Agave House that I found on airbnb. It was beautiful place to stay and often felt like living in a modern tree house. There were windows and mirrors everywhere letting the beauty and light of Ojai dance about the space.

HeatherGrayOjai Breakfast

The best part about our little vacations is cooking delicious meals together. We have a tradition of "fancy pizza nights" with new recipes and secret ingredients, it is a lot of fun. For breakfast I made my favorite eggs benedict, although I overcooked the english muffins a bit... which sometimes happens while socializing and cooking at the same time. :) We really enjoyed cooking in the Agave House's lovely kitchen especially with the sweet vintage stove.


Another part I love about vacations is bringing along my trusted friend, my camera. We love to adventure around and play. We took a little break for more "work related" things like engagement photos... which don't really feel like work, more like play. Yes, definitely more like play.


This is just a little sneak peek of the lovely moments they shared with me and my camera. Stay tuned for their "official" post. It fills my heart with so much joy to see my sister so happy. Their love gives me goosebumps.


My least favorite part of vacations is when we have to say good bye and go back to our homes in different states. I always dream that we will one day live next door to each other. It is a beautiful dream.


Until our next family vacation. Is it too early to start planning?

Love and Light,

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