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If I had the chance to redo my wedding I would have included a videographer. There's something magical about having an heirloom like this to pass down in your family. How amazing would it be to see your grandparents' wedding? I would cherish it!

There are tons of videographers (and wedding photographers for that matter) out there these days, thank you to the digital age. This is a blessing and a curse as you have a plethora of choices... who to pick? The video above was created by my incredibly talented friend Drummond West of Little Sparrow Productions. I met him while performing my art installation at this fantastic show in Denver. He was "documenting" the show but doing far more than that. He has an amazing eye, the eye of an artist. He sees the world in such a beautiful way, captures and creates compelling moments and is wonderful to work with. If I had the chance to do my wedding over, I would have hired Little Sparrow Productions for sure. Perhaps when my husband and I renew our vows for our 10th anniversary?

Check out this sweet keepsake video he made. I am in love with it. I  asked Drummond to create a keepsake of our family for Finn's 1st  birthday, I'm looking forward to seeing our Gray world through his eyes  and having an heirloom to pass down to Finn and his children one day. 

Love and Light,

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