peace of mind


Weekends are usually a busy time for me. This weekend I'm working, spending time with friends, grabbing dinner in Denver and having some quiet time with my guys. I also plan on being outside as much as possible and taking many photos. Finding a balance between being busy and just being is something I am constantly working on. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or unbalanced, I take a moment to imagine myself in an open field with whimsical trees and warm sunshine. Do you have a place like this that lives in your mind? A place for your and only you to just be. My little escape is composed of memories and make believe. Here are a few images I took near my mother and father-in-law's home in Arroyo Grande, California. There is something magical about this place, something that connects me to my peace of mind.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with fun, love and smiles.

Love and Light,

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