snapshots & sundays


[clockwise beginning top left (location title): Shakespeare and Company Paris France selfShakespeare and Company Paris 
France embrace, Shakespeare and Company Paris France dream, Shakespeare and Company Paris France hiding.]

I love books. They're like friends from different times in my life. Sometimes when I reread a favorite book, I can clearly remember reading it for the first time, on a beach, in my childhood room, on a plane. They have magical ways of marking time in my life. In the digital age where books are downloaded and libraries are virtual, I hold tightly to my tangible books. Books that are dogeared, written in and well loved. Books that take up far too much space in my house as far as my husband is concerned. He gave me an ipad a few months ago in hopes I would enjoy reading books on it and it is slowly growing on me, but I still love the feel of an old book. I'm resisting the future, holding on to the past. I think I'll snuggle up with a cup of tea and an old friend and reminisce.

Love and Light,

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