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heartbeats. jose gonzalez.

 Do you have something that makes your heartbeat a little faster, lets you breathe a little deeper and feel every cell in your body? Something that's just for you, where you can be completely you?

For me this thing is dance. I recently started dancing again after a break from having a baby. I'm dancing in a show this spring with some ridiculously talented women. We started rehearsals yesterday and man-oh-man am I sore. I don't know why I'm surprised... I went from 0 to 60. I've taken a few classes here and there to get back in my body and what not but, nothing like balls to the walls fast paced, hard hitting and upside down jazz dance. It felt amazing. Luckily today I'm watching my son, doing office work and taking a modern dance class this afternoon, so I can relax a bit. My hubby was great to remind me to take an epsom salt bath and advil before bed last night which definitely helped as well.

I feel very fortunate that my husband is supportive of this passion of mine. He met me as a dancer and continues to support this side of my life. I think it's important to have something like this. It keeps me grounded, focused and happy. While photography is certainly my passion and career, I have dance to keep me in shape and let my heart shine.

I hope you have something like this in your life.

Love and Light,

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