field below : Boulder Colorado Senior Portraits

I met Auston for the first time for his Senior Portrait. I usually meet with my seniors or at least have a few phone conversations before we go out to shoot but Auston had just moved to the area and he needed his senior photos asap for the yearbook deadline. I cannot imagine moving during my senior year, but Auston has a great attitude about it and everything else for that matter. We talked about his photography class that he's taking; pinhole cameras, darkrooms and what he likes to photograph. We also talked about his home state of Washington, the San Juan Islands and Tennis. All of the things I would normally chat about before the shoot, we talked about at the shoot which was a lot of fun. I like to keep things casual and conversational during shoots, especially senior portraits, I think it keeps us both very real and present. 

We took these photos near my office in Louisville. There are few spots that are my "go-to" locations. You would think that these locations would get old after awhile but each subject that I bring there casts a new light and makes me experience the scenery with new eyes, I love it. The energy and power a subject can have on a space surprises me every time. My favorite part about the shoot was finding my favorite dumpster was empty (yep, I said dumpster). The awesome rusty walls and splattered paint, so cool  and Auston liked it too, so we took a bunch of photos there. Auston also climbed a tree for the photos which rocked!

I hope you have a fantastic Senior year at your new school Auston. Enjoy Colorado!

Love and Light,

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