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Molly and Tim were married August 6th at the Denver Art Museum in Denver, Colorado. It was a marvelous location for the wedding of this fantastic couple. Molly is a very creative soul and she made many of the decorations herself. She was the most stylish diy bride I've ever seen.

The ceremony was in the outdoor sculpture garden with the Gio-Ponti designed building in the background. It was so exciting. I have a degree in Art History, so you can guess how stoked I was to be shooting a wedding here. During the ceremony I waited with Molly while she peaked around the corner at her guests. Once of my favorite moments was when she stepped around the corner with her father. Her reaction was like a kid at Christmas. Her eyes lit up with so much joy and surprise and then filled with happy tears. As soon as her eyes met Tim's it was over, talk about a movie moment. Their hearts shined bright and you could almost see them jump out of their chests. It was so honest and real, they let their emotions fly and there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. We all felt their love.

After the ceremony we moved to Civic Center Park for their family and bridal party portraits. If you haven't been here before you should check it out. The neoclassical architecture makes you feel like you're in Europe. Who knew? This location is certainly a jewel in Denver.

The reception was in the North Building of the Denver Art Museum. It was perfect for this eclectic and vibrant wedding. For the first dances they did the traditional bride and groom, father daughter and mother son dances... then to everyone's surprise Molly and her mother danced a swing duet that put a smile on everyone's face. It was so much fun and a great way to get the party started.

(Their first dance was to Journey, it was one of the funnest first dances I've seen. Molly and Tim sang the lyrics to each other with the biggest smiles on their faces... their joy filled the room!)

It was truly a pleasure to document this momentous occasion and save these special memories for Molly and Tim. Thank you for inviting me to your wedding.

Love and Light,

Wedding Vendors:
Venue: Denver Art Museum
Flowers: Lehers
Make-up: Debi Salmon
Photobooth: Shutterbooth

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