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Meet Jesse and Jon. They became Mr & Mrs this past weekend in Steamboat. It was a beautiful day. I was happy that we took the time to get to know each other really well before their big day. We had phone dates and then took these fun engagement photos while they were in town from Boston. By the time we got to their wedding, I knew what made them smile, what they both loved to do and how much Jesse laughs. On the technical side, I was able to see what makes their eyes light up and how to get that perfect natural snuggle "pose" for their wedding photos. 

The day of our engagement shoot I was super worried about the weather. If you don't live along the front range, the summer storms that roll in are intense and unpredictable. Just hours before their shoot there was hail, rain and strong winds... but luckily as soon as Jesse and Jon arrived they brought the sunlight with them. I'm not sure how they did it, perhaps they'll let me in on that secret as it could really come in handy as an outdoor photographer. I personally think their love shines through cloudy days and warms everyone around them.

Once the weather cleared, we enjoyed a picnic of delicious sweets (Jon has a super-duper sweet tooth). A crazy squirrel tried to crash the party many times but we finished the cupcakes just in time... (at their wedding we ran into a crazy mouse, I guess the animals are drawn to these two). Jon who happens to be an incredibly talented musician brought along a mini guitar. He sang a few songs for us and then gave Jesse a little lesson. They are so great together.

What seemed like a doomed gloomy and stormy day... was turned around by these two shining lights, who together can weather the storm, bring out the sunshine and end the day with some good music. Keep on shining and sharing your hearts, together you're magic!

Love and Light,

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