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Earlier this month, my sweet little Finn turned one. We celebrated with friends and family over delicious food, which is typical for our family as we love food. It was beautiful to watch Finn run around with his friends and snuggle with his great grandma.

I cannot believe that it's been a year already. I feel like he was just born. Where did my little baby go? He now zooms about quicker than quick, loves talking to his sock monkey Monty, is curious about everything and has a laugh makes everyone smile.

He's the sweetest little boy. Our friend Josh made Finn an amazing 1st birthday cake with his friend Monty on it. We joked that it was the full Monty. We let Finn dig into the cake before everyone else and it was too cute. His first reaction was "Is this okay?" and then he started to feed his father and I with spoons and fists full of cake. It took him about 5 minutes to realize that he could eat the cake too... then he sat quietly, ate his cake and enjoyed making a mess at the table.

After the cake fun, we bathed him and changed into his party outfit. He opened presents and was of course more interested in the wrapping and boxes. I think I'll just wrap a bunch of boxes for Christmas. 

After we opened his gifts we took a moment to take pictures with out friends and family. Finn was such a sport... he just wanted to sit and play. He usually loves the camera but this was his day and we had this reaction to taking photos...

Who can blame him right? But we did get some great shots before he called it quits. 

Birthday by the Beatles

These awesome photos were taken by the talented and wonderful Aj of Adrian Jon Photography! If you ever wonder who takes my family photos, he's our guy! We love him. 

Love and Light,

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