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top of the world by the capenters

Meet Jesse and Jon. They were married in Steamboat Springs, Colorado September 4th. These two love birds melted my heart with the way they look at each other. It's the kind of love that warms a room, brightens any day and can weather any storm. They walk on sunshine. You can view their engagement photos here

They decided to see each other before the wedding which as a wedding photographer is a huge gift. We had ample time to take photos without the rush of getting everyone off to the reception which was very important in this case because the groom (who's a fantastically talented musician, by the way!) was playing with his band during cocktail hour.

Jesse and Jon's first look was a movie moment. The setting was gorgeous. As Jesse walked down to meet Jon you could feel the anticipation in both of their eyes. Jesse started to tear up before Jon even turned around. Then their eyes met and all of the pieces fell into place. Their wedding was finally here and they were about to walk down the aisle together. We took their portrait in a magical grove of aspen trees. The wedding party and family met us there for group photos and we all laughed and took in the beautiful scenery at the top of Mt. Werner. My talented friend Aj of Adrian Jon Photography flew out from Southern California to shoot this one with me and he was the perfect fit for this wedding. We had a great time getting to know Jesse and Jon and their amazing families.

One of my favorite moments before the ceremony was watching Jesse and Jon together. They leaned their foreheads together and grasped their hands tight. Just taking in the moment, being present and breathing in the day. The sunlight came through the window at the perfect time as if god designed this beautiful moment just for them.

The ceremony was perfect. Their friends and family were incorporated through music, poetry and prayer. There were many joyful laughs and blissful tears. For their first kiss, Jon surprised everyone by dipping Jesse. The guests cheered louder than any I've experienced. Jon played with his uncle and friends during cocktail hour, it was so much fun. You can check out his music here on soundcloud or visit his facebook page. Jon is based in Boston and currently on tour.

I usually don't post many reception photos because they aren't as popular... but I had to with this wedding. Jesse and Jon really know how to throw a party. Everyone was dancing and I mean everyone! Their DJ, Chris of Tip Top Music, was awesome. I highly recommend him. I always like meeting vendors that I don't know, especially when they are excellent at what they do. 

This wedding was one of my favorites this season. The location, couple, music and love, did I mention the love? So great! I hope these two continue to shine their light on the world. They're beyond inspiring.

Love and Light,

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  1. awesome post
    I met Jesse and Jon 6 years ago when the came to NZ and stayed with us, we fell in love with them instantly, they carry a huge light. So this was so great to see their special day in such amazing photos, you captured so much emotion with your shots, it looked like the funnest day ever. Love your work