I've got my love to keep me warm : denver engagement portrait

I met Sarah and Steve on a beautiful winter day at the Littleton Museum in Colorado. They flew in from New York a few days before our shoot, just in time for mother nature to lay a beautiful blanket of snow over Colorado. The day after a blizzard is one of my favorite times to go out with my camera. I usually go out alone and admire the details highlighted by the snow, take a few photos for my personal collection and head home to warm up. So I was very excited that Sarah and Steve decided to brave the cold weather with me for their engagement portrait.

We visited this amazing farmhouse from the 1890s. It was beautiful and luckily very warm, so we took a break from the winter weather there. Sarah and Steve snuggled and slow danced in the farmhouse, it was very sweet. They shared some laughs and very sweet moments. Seeing this side of my couples is a gift.

There are so many amazing places around the property of the Littleton Museum. Old homes with beautiful antique details, it was perfect for an afternoon of getting to know Sarah and Steve. They're getting married at the end of the month in Denver, I can't wait!

Love and Light,


  1. Love the shot of the them in the warm cedar cabin! gorgeous light!!

  2. Thanks you Katie. I am honored that you were viewing my work. The cabin and light were beautiful and lovely for photographing this sweet couple.

  3. Heather thank you for sharing this. It WAS a great day, and we also enjoyed it so much! Can't wait for the wedding next weekend!!!

  4. Absolutely love the photos !!!!!!!!! You two look so happy and in love. Only 3 days left until the Big Day, enjoy !