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I was playing around on Pinterest earlier this week and look at what I found. How fun, I've been pinned. I definitely didn't spend over an hour afterwards wandering around other pins...wink, wink!

It's easy to sit on Pinterest and dream about beautiful people, places and things, but I assure you that your world is beautiful. It's a matter of perception. My world is filled with peanut butter finger prints on my lovely vintage couch, dog hair on my favorite sweater and a pile of junk mail in my kitchen, yet when I wake up in the morning I know there's no other place I would rather be. There's so much love in my home that those little things that need tidying or organized matter very little when chasing my sweet son around the house. I see the laughter, joy and heart first. I chose to see life this way. It makes me a happier person and I am completely content living in this world of rainbows and lollipops because at the end of the day when life gives me lemons, I know I can handle it because I have one badass recipe for lemonade. One part joy and two parts love. Yep, it's that easy. 

I see a few problems with Pinterest. It's quite lovely to take a walk through different boards and pages, dreaming of a life you desire... but I challenge you to put those rose colored glasses on and see your world through different eyes. Appreciate the roof over your head even if it isn't held up by lovely reclaimed wood beams with a victorian chandelier like the photo you saw pinned to your best friends page. This power of thought and way of seeing the world is what my business is built on. I would love to show you how beautiful you are. Come and take a look into my world and let me share it with you. 

The world through my lens is a very special place, it's full of light and love. It isn't perfect, in fact its imperfection is what I love most about it. Would you like to join me and play in this world? I would love to meet you and show you what you look like through my lens. I want you to see the beauty of your lines, the sparkle in your eyes and light in your soul. It's my deepest desire to show you how amazing you are.

Love and Light,

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