the best accessory for your wedding : you

Every bride has an idea of what they want to look like on their wedding day. Some hope to look like 
a princess, others go for casual elegance and in my case I wanted a classic look with a twist. For 
my wedding I chose designer Emma Scott. I met her at her trunk show in Denver, Colorado, and 
I found my dress almost immediately. It wasn't one I would have picked from a magazine or in the 
store on a hanger, it was one that Emma pulled for me when I gave her a few adjectives about the 
kind of bride I wanted to be. Can you imagine? I felt like Cinderella. The dress was perfect; I 
felt beautiful, confident and ready to walk down the aisle. 

Emma and I just clicked and she asked if 
I wanted to try on more dresses and of course, who wouldn't right? So Emma pulled a handful 
of gorgeous dresses, it was like dress up for big-girls. I tried on a beautiful ball gown, a fantastic 
slip dress and many more. Each dress had a different personality which translated to how I felt in 
each one. There was one dress that I thought would be perfect for my wedding but when I tried it on 
it just wasn't me. I wanted to feel like myself and somehow Emma knew exactly what dress was 
"me." It was a gift to have this kind of personal attention and if you're getting married I would 
suggest going to a trunk show. 

As hairstylist Moiz Alladina says, "You should be an exaggerated
 version of yourself... you're the star of the show." The key here is to be a "version of yourself." 
When it comes down to it, your best accessory is going to be how you feel; beautiful, confident 
and glowing. You can't go wrong with trusting your instincts and your heart. 

Happy Planning,

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