a day for mothers

This post is dedicated to all of the mothers in my life;

the mothers who grew babies in their body, 

the mothers who adopted babies they dreamed of, 

the mothers who care for children like their own,

the mothers who teach our children in school,

the mothers who have yet to have babies but mother everyone around them,

the mothers who open their homes to children who need more moms,

the mothers who cannot have children,

the mothers that teach others to mother

and the mothers who I've had the honor to photograph,





I'm incredibly lucky to have so many amazing mothers in my life. Women who teach, inspire and 
guide me to be the best mother I can to my sweet son, and women who have shown me that there are 
many different ways to be a be a mother.

I'm proud to continue this legacy of amazing women who pass down wisdom, compassion, kindness, 
intelligence, inner-beauty, strength, integrity, empathy, grace, resilience, gratitude and unconditional 
love to those they mother. 

Please tell the mothers in your life how much they mean to you, especially this weekend.

To my personal tribe of mothers, thank you for shining your light and sharing your heart with me.

Happy Mother's Day

Love and Light,

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  1. What a beautiful
    "pageant of mothers"
    thru the eyes of
    Heather Gray...