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This year I have more destination weddings than I do in my home state of Colorado. This is such a great
 blessing because I love to travel and experience new places and meet new people. I'm lucky to be 
traveling to a few states I haven't been to before, Montana and Nebraska. I'm excited to experience these
 states through the eyes of my wedding couples. Visiting their hometowns and meeting their friends and
 family, it's going to be awesome! I also have weddings in two of my favorite cities, Washington DC and
 San Francisco. I'm such a lucky girl!

One of my favorite things about destination wedding photography is that I get to travel to these weddings 
just as the guests do. I get to experience new surroundings and take in the wedding day like your friends
 and family. Sometimes planning a wedding locally isn't what you have in mind for your wedding. I
 personally understand this as I was married in Central Coast California. My husband and I searched for a
 place that meant something to us and while we found many special and beautiful locations our top choice
 was the parents' home in Arroyo Grande, California. So we planned our wedding from Colorado with 
phone calls, emails and a few trips to the area. It was hard work but totally worth it. I couldn't have 
imagined it any other way.

If you're planning a destination wedding, I would love to hear about it 
and if you need a traveling photographer, I'm your gal. 

Love and Light,

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