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For Father's Day we celebrated in a special way which I hope to carry on as a tradition. Rather than 
gifts we celebrating all day long with food, activities and anything else my husband wanted to do. He
 designed our day with things he loves to do and we did them as a family. We started the day with an 
episode of Top Gear, went to our favorite donut shop for breakfast, ran around Lowes, ordered a super
 fancy frapacino, biked to lunch at our favorite pizza joint Lucky Pie, ate ice cream at Sweet Cow, 
enjoyed the sunshine and completed our day with dinner with our family (with grandma's famous 
enchiladas, C's favorite). Rather than buy things to go in a closet or on a shelf, we spent time together
 and created memories. I think this was my favorite holiday or celebration to date. We did things as a
 family that Chris wanted to do. It was the perfect way to honor him and celebrate the amazing father he 
is. I'm looking forward to celebrating in this way for future birthdays and special dates.

Love and Light,

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