Cherish : Cailin : actor headshots : denver photographer

Meet Cailin. She's a crazy talented actor and stunning soul. We took these photos for her acting 
headshots and we had the best time together. She completely blew me away with her seamless 
transition from character to character. She gave me 1,003 different looks and I have the frames to
 prove it. From girl next door, quirky, old hollywood, madmen, vixen, badass, to old soul, I was 
utterly speechless. At times it was like watching a great film about the different roles women embody. 

I'm willing to put money down that Cailin is on her way to do very big things in this world. 

Love and Light,

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  1. Great images Heather! And Cailin does have a "look!" Hopefully I will see her soon doing something BIG!