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a little bit about what I've been up to lately. 

cooking more dinners at home has been a big
deal this month and a part of my vision for the new year. it's hard to find time to plan out healthy
meals and sometimes it's just easier to go out to eat when all of us are fried at the end of the day.
eating at home this month has been stressful at times and we did cheat more than once... but the 
point is that we're making a difference in the way we eat and it feels great.

riding my bike to run errands has made my days wonderful....
well except for the cloudy days that make me feel like I am back in the bay area which then
makes me a little homesick. I need to visit soon to satisfy my california heart. but this week
has been beautiful and spring is beginning to peek through the frigid cold colorado winter.
p.s. on my last bike ride, two bald eagles flew over me and it took my breath away. I missed
taking a photo of them because I was awestruck and realized that my memory of seeing them
was far more beautiful than looking through my iphone screen at them. I'm sure it's strange for a
photographer to say something like that but I'm real, I know that sometimes these smart phones
put a barrier between us and the real world. If I had been carrying my professional camera...
well that's a different story.

preparing for this years bridal shows has been really exciting. 
I love going through the past year and picking special moments and memories to share with
my future brides and grooms. I'm thrilled to share the special details and albums I've put together
and honor the couples I met, photographed and fell in love with. I'm already quite booked for 
2013 which is a huge blessing and I'm already booking into 2014. I never take for granted 
this blessing of doing what I love for a living.

photographing dance performances at the university of colorado at boulder
makes my heart happy. I have the privilege to be the dance department's photographer.
I started photographing dance while working in the pr department many years ago and
this year I was asked to come back. it's been amazing to be paid to photograph and
experience the stunning, raw and thought provoking work being created there.
being a dance photographer keeps my work fresh. it instills movement, momentum,
fleeting and ephemeral moments in my portrait photography. it constantly reminds
me of the depths of the human spirit and that I must be present and patient to 
capture moments that you would miss if you blinked.

making cakes on the weekends is a new tradition we started this month,
there have been some great successes with recipe experiments and one failure that everyone
loved. it's made cooking at home much easier to have some treats on the weekends. 
granted they are not the healthiest options but I use organic ingredients and cut down
the amounts of sugar too. adding berries and oranges is a favorite too because
they add so much flavor!

so that's my life this week. I hope you've had a great week and enjoy your weekend.
I'll be at the boulder wedding showcase meeting new brides and grooms and
photographing a very sweet couple for their engagements. life as a wedding
photographer is never boring. I'm planning on sleeping in on monday.

love and light,


  1. Cooking dinners at home has been a big one for us too! Would love to exchange any especially successful dishes :) Keep up the great work H!

  2. This is great, Heather. Sounds like you are preparing for a fantastic year!!