Boulder Wedding Showcase : The Rembrandt Yard : 2013

I had the honor to be one of the awesome wedding vendors exhibiting at the Boulder Wedding Showcase.
My husband and I had the best time meeting couples, their families and my fellow wedding rock-stars.
 After setting up my own booth I had about 30 minutes to quickly run around the Rembrandt Yard
before the doors opened. I wanted to take a few photos and say hello to some friendly faces too. I wish
 I had more time to talk with everyone and to make my way to the Boulder Theater but thus I couldn't
 do two jobs at once. So here are a few images of the people I met, the things I saw and my booth that
I poured love and light into.

Below are some of the stunning tables in the design contest. Unfortunately we aren't supposed to 
know who the designers are (blind contest) so I don't have everyone's information. The table I do know is the one
below and I've included that information. If you're one of the designers or brides who knows
whose tables are whose, please let me know!

This wonderful Marie Antoinette table was created by Sarah Cionis of Painted Primrose 
and Shamane Simons of Shamane's Bake Shoppe. The ladies behind this table are amazing.
I'm meeting with them next week to hear more about their business and will share a full
post on them very soon. 

This next table is one of my favorites. It's the Rembrandt Yard's Organic Tablescape. It's modern 
yet comforting which I find rare in modern styled tables. I also love succulents!

I just love that this table was created for Mr. Matthew & Lady Mary Crawley's wedding!
I would pay to be their photographer :) Yes, I have an addiction to Downton Abbey. 

Boulder Blooms was also at the show and their booth was so cool. They brought gorgeous bouquets
with them for the brides to hold and dream with. They also handed out beautiful business cards
hanging on a wire with an orchid. This team is beyond creative!

Bistro Boys had a great array of delicious treats. Kermit the owner was wonderful to talk to had 
the best smile. I guess that's the kind of thing a photographer notices first. :)

I met Dawn Meitz of the Spice of Life at last years show. When I was researching caterers for my
 Colorado wedding, they were my top choice... but we decided to get married in California instead
so I wasn't able to hire them. I think I've always had a special place in my heart for their delicious
food and wonderful owners as if they did cater my wedding. Their booth was two over from mine
and every couple that I spoke with brought these mouthwatering plates of food with them.
It took so much will power not to excuse myself and pick up a plate myself. Towards the end
of the show I politely asked Dawn to try some of her food and she was very sweet, thanked me
for asking and offered me some delicious hors d'oeouvres. It made me one happy girl! 

These amazing ladies were the table next to me. I swear the universe was challenging my will power
and patience with this show. Including the deliciousness from Spice of Life visiting my booth in 
constant rotation, I also had the gorgeous and equally delectable chocolate treats from 
Piece, Love & Chocolate traveling to my booth. Mouth-watering cupcakes, truffles and 
chocolate covered strawberries. As I write this I'm clearly remembering how amazing their 
cupcakes are. I love food and these ladies are experts in chocolate! With Valentine's
Day around the corner, keep Piece, Love & Chocolate in mind for sure!

Not only do Sarah and Genny create amazing truffles and cupcakes but this year they truly outdid
themselves with their amazing wedding cakes. It's difficult to pick my favorite design, so I'll
go with my favorite flavor, the chocolate salted caramel cake with carved chocolate roses.

Marissa Heidt of Feather and Twig was also at the show. I was excited to meet her and wish I had
more time to get to know her. She's a very sweet wedding coordinator. I wish I had a wedding
coordinator at my own wedding!

I saved one of my favorite for last. Meet Maggie Evans. She's a wedding dress designer and seamstress
extraordinaire. We shared a sweet little corner at the show and as we were loading in our booths
we kept admiring each other's style and "set." We both purchased our backdrops and elements of our
 booth from Boulder's Resource yard. We talked throughout the show and found we had so many 
personal connections to each other. I'm amazed we didn't meet sooner but the universe has it's
plans and meeting at the show felt just right. She's having a sample sale in her shop and on 
etsy. Please stop by and take a look at her amazing designs. My favorite pieces are the button
sash and the gold velvet dress that reminds me of dreaming of dancing in tutus in ballet class. 
Stay tuned as I write a full post on Maggie and her dreamy designs.

I had the best time meeting everyone at this year's Boulder Wedding Showcase. I hope you enjoyed this 
little window into this great show. I'm looking forward to photographing the beautiful weddings
of the couples I met here and to working with these wedding rock-star vendors. 

Love and Light,

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  1. Thanks for the write-up. So generous with your images. I love seeing the Showcase through your eyes.