inside the studio : my life as a story teller

I love January and the freshness the new year brings. One of my favorite things about 
this time of year is that it's a popular time for couples to begin planning their weddings.
The past few weeks I've been busy with wedding consultations and appointments. It's something
I always get excited to do. I love getting to know couples and hear about their wedding day.

My studio office is in my home and I love having it that way. It's like having friends over
for brunch as we casual talk over americanos and scones. It's the beginning of our 
friendship as I invest in their lives to tell their story. When a couple invites me to their 
wedding as their photographer, I know what a personal choice this is. I get to view
their wedding as if I was a sister or best friend. I have the honor of getting to 
sit front row on one of the most important days of their life, as they begin their marriage.

Sharing my home studio and my life with my clients is something I greatly value, so without 
further adieu I'd like to invite you into the window of my studio. To view artifacts of my life
and my home. Welcome, please stay awhile as we sip tea and share stories.

I recently met with a very sweet couple who is going to borrow my typewriter for their wedding.
I'm so excited to see how my precious typewriter comes to life in a new way on their special day.

My vintage cameras are like friends and many of them join me on my engagement sessions.
Another couple asked to borrow a few for their wedding and I happily obliged. I'm going to 
bring one of my favorite cameras with me and do a special portrait of them because they 
love film and old cameras like I do. I'm so excited!

I love sharing my wedding albums with my couples. It allows me to share stories with my future
couples. This love of story telling is why I do what I do. It's a great honor to document and record
the histories of my couples. It's especially exciting when my couples inspire each other with their
 weddings too. Recently a couple was viewing one of my weddings and they were instantly inspired
by the details and came up with new ideas for their own wedding. How cool is that? I have this
amazing community of people whose memories live on my walls and in my bookcase. These
beautiful souls who inspire and shine light into the world.

P.S. This book is one of my favorites. It's handcrafted and completely stunning. 
Every time I bring it out to share with someone it's like unwrapping a precious heirloom 
or introducing a dear friend to another.

Thank you for letting me share my studio and stories with you.
I hope to meet you in person and to have the honor of telling your story.

Love and Light,

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