Cherish : A day in the life : family portraits : Washington DC

A day in the life portraits are my absolute favorite type of session. I love getting to know my families and witness what it's like to be a part of their family for a day. Thank you to Ken and Nicole for letting me hang out with them in their Washington DC home and for exploring their neighborhood in the rain with me. Their sweet cat Little Rock followed us on our walk, I like to think he's the protector of this sweet family because he was a little cautious and kept a suspicious eye on me for most of the day. Perhaps he's a secret service cat, it's DC after all.

It was especially wonderful seeing the girls' rooms and what special treasures they hold dear to their hearts. They are both such creative souls and had these amazing works of art on their walls. They had such great stories to share with me and I felt like they had invited me into a secret club of sorts. I swear that little ones hold the secrets to the universe if you're willing to slow down and listen. These little zen masters know what it's all about, and to hear their laughter... well, I think it would bring world peace if everyone heard that magical sound.

Love and Light,