Love : Christine and Aj : Ojai, California

Today marks a very special day, July 21st, my sister and brother-in-law's 1st wedding anniversary. It seems like just yesterday we were sipping starbucks while rocking out in the bridal suite and getting ready for their beautiful ceremony in San Juan Capistrano, California.

I was a bumbling mess, of joyful tears, as I gave my matron of honor speech. I knew I would be emotional, but man, those darn nerves and wild emotions. You would think being a wedding photographer and hearing heartfelt speeches every weekend would well equip me for giving such a speech, but it's so different when you're up there on your own. So here are a few things that I missed saying as I kept things short and sweet...

My heart overflows for my sister Christine. She's the kindest and most beautiful soul, and she's found her puzzle piece, her best friend and a beautiful soul to share her life with. Not a day goes by that I stop wishing that we lived closer to each other. In fact if we could work on being neighbors, that would sublime.

My brother-in-law is an amazing soul. I met AJ when Christine brought this mystery guy she was wild about to my wedding. He hung out with all of us the week of the wedding; helping out with setting things up and partying with us on our bachelorette/bachelor party. He fit right in as if we'd known him forever and in no time it was like he was family. AJ and I started our photography businesses around the same time and we've been able to get to know each other as artists and colleagues in addition to family. He's a great friend, brother and is incredibly talented. I often wish I could live in his photographs, they're so full of light and love. AJ is the brother I always wanted and I'm so happy my sister found him.

And my dear Christine, she's a light like no other. The world needs more beautiful hearts like hers. She's my best friend and my family. She loves deeply and lives fully. She inspires me to be a better person and motivates me to reach for my dreams. We spent much of our childhood making up dances in our bedrooms and being the "coolest" hip hop dancers around...wink, wink! I remember doing her hair and makeup for prom, and dreaming of the day we would get ready for our weddings together. Those days came and are some of my most cherished memories. 

Today marks their first year of marriage and I feel blessed to witness their love. In the last year they've reached for their dreams, supported and cared for each other in such a beautiful way. Individually they are amazing people and together, these two are unstoppable. 

Happy Anniversary!!!

We love you to the moon and back!

Love and Light,
The Gray Family

P.S. We took these photos a few years ago on our family trip to Ojai, California
I think we need to plan another trip there soon. We miss you guys!

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